Track With An Amen Break

Origami Repetika - Car Wash
something I’m playing around with…recorded some harmonica and a tad of guitars in the ambience.

I know some of you may be tired of tracks with amen breaks, but I’m still trying to work on making it buzz and stuff, so any critism, tips or comments would be appreciated :)

great song mate really acidized and love the ambiant sounds dont worry about using the amen there is so much stuff that can be done to that break how did you produce the ambiant bell sounds like near the end of the song i have been looking for sounds like that for ages and havent found any, but keep up the great work and love it :)



I can’t say that I produced the bell sound, I just mixed it in ^_^ I found the sample from the variety of old sample library cds that have been copied to my hard drive over the years…I have a bunch of strange loops that can end up sounding good in certain tracks (ie ship bells, didgeridoo solos, chirping crickets, chanting monks etc)

Nice music for sure! Not enough uplifting major key stuff out there. The mix suffers a bit from having too much bass in many of the instruments, so you might like to go back in there and filter some stuff out. Points ++ for the audio recordings, the harmonica is completely sweet.

Take the break out. Put your own stuff in there, or no beats at all. Be Bold!


This song would be much better without the amen, to be honest. With a bit of tweaking, it could survive without a beat at all, as Foo suggested.

But aside from that, I really enjoyed the song. Takes me to an interesting world…

Thanks for listening everyone!

I can see/hear why I could take out the amen break and do something more original and maybe not have percussion or just a little for that matter. I’m still not tired of the amen break so I’ll keep this track as the 'amen mix" and play around with other ideas keeping your advice in mind :D

Foo: I’m still battling the bass. :wacko: Compared to constructing my previous tracks I made more of an effort to keep the bass sounds low in the mix, but I didn’t think to go check the other instruments (ones that I weren’t using for bass in mind) and checking their bass levels. I guess any little bit of bass in other instruments adds up in the mix

anywho thanks again