Track You Never Wanted To Hear...


Ah, just wanted to post it under the thread name “The most unwanted song.” A friend showed me a different reference here.
Do all your shopping at Wall Mart!

It-Alien, be sure not to miss this!


I actually like it, I think that italian pop singers do much worse than this on a daily basis

Great idea! But there seems to be some kind of paradox going on here: They wanted it to be unwanted.
So it’s a labor of love, so to speak. And perhaps this is why we like it (even the opera-rapping)?

BTW the surveythey did is interesting too. It turns out I’m not a typical representative of danish people at all, only 1% like my favorite color (white), whereas the chinese like all sorts of colors including white (13%).

I actually thought of you because it’s experimental and very skilled at the same time.

Thinking of Italian pop singers, I liked “Laura non ce” by Nek very much back then…still do :)

You think that’s the most unwanted song ???
I used to make 1 year in a musical school where we were making Electroacoustique and Acousmatique …
… Have you ever heard acousmatique? I mean the 38 minutes acousmatique songs made only with a milkbox and that kind of stuff ???

I can assure you this Komar & Melamid and David Soldier song is really not as horrible as they pretend. And it’s surely not the most annoying song that exist. Actually I laugh when listening to it.