Tracker Beat Patterns?

Hi, i just was wondering is there any sites that have tracker beat patterns which you could copy into renoise? If not i think i will make a site at some point maybe when i have a few :guitar:

i was going to make some beat quantization patterns at some point but changed my mind becuse there is no way to tell a tracker to play certain note little earlier. You can only delay a note.

well this is what I use to play notes earlier: if I need to play a note a tick earlier when at speed 6, I put a note on the previous row with a delay of 5 ticks (0D05), what’s wrong with this?

nothing :) except that you cant make beat patterns that you can just copy paste to get some certain shuffle quantization of beats… you will have to start searcing and shifting certain notes up and add delays to them etc etc and that kinda makes that premade beat pattern usless

yo splitter, I was bored and made some basic beat patterns, check em here:…sis%20beats.rar

maybe a good idea, to start with the simplest of beats, understand the structure and start filling the spaces to add some groove or whatever.

Cool thanks :D

huh, now I get it, I just never used two identical patterns in my life :)

Also be sure to set BPM to at least 500. :)