Tracker-like video editing software?

Does this exist?

I’m interested in video editing software for extremely fast and repetitive edits in music videos. A tracker program would be awesome for this, it seems to me. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Maybe a plugin for Adobe Premiere or something?


Damn, if there isn’t one, there f’in well should be!


That would be the dream for making music videos, especially if it had some kind of MIDI integration. I like the idea of making very rhythmic videos set to music, but I haven’t found a video editor that’s tightly synched or integrated with music.

Sadly I think it’s too niche a feature and the development of video editing software takes way too much time (based on watching Olive’s progression)

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Not really a tracker gui like you know from audio trackers and more geared towards live vj’ing, but controllable through keyboard;

Veejay is a visual instrument and realtime video sampler. With veejay, you can play the video like you would play a piano. While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling), all effects are realtime and optimized for use on modern processors, Veejay likes the sound of your video’s as much as their images: sound is kept in sync ( pitched when needed - trickplay) and delivered to JACK for possible further processing.



Definitely check out the “BeatEdit” plugin for Adobe Premiere. It syncs your edits with beats or frequencies in the soundtrack – really effective. Used it a lot for my music video edits. Speeds up the process a ton!


I did something like this with midi out of Renoise into Max/Msp/Jitter… 13 years ago, yikes.
It was not that difficult and I’m sure you could find an alternative program to use in place of Max at this point. I had the midi notes triggering different offsets in the video and the note velocities controlling the playback speed. It was a bit too much for my computer at the time lol… but it was fun :slight_smile:
The Britney one is just using the sound from the video and the other one is original track.


Reaper (which is not a tracker) can manage videos: