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Shame about the turd quality of the myspace player… but there are five tracks here I have made with renoise (the last one on the player was made in ableton). Mostly just using the Renoise DSP plug-ins (although the odd voxengo/ camel phat VST’s do come in handy!).
I used to use Logic (before it became “Garage Band Pro”!) and am loving having all the midi features of the advanced midi editor of Renoise. Its like Logic’s Transform window, but with all the extra crap long-windedness gutted out. For sequencing, it doesn’t get better than Renoise (in my experience).
But I guess I’m preaching to the converted here.
If you have a spare moment, come and have a listen to these creations.

speed in your ears was pain in my ears tho :P

needs a good name is my fav tune :)

good work

thanks for listening,
your feedback is appreciated…
sorry to be a pain