Tracker plug-in idea thingy

Ok. Someone needs to make a plug-in that is basically a tracker front end for midi instruments. I imagine a plug-in that stands between the piano roll and the synth on a program like ableton or bitwig that would allow tracker sequencing on any daw. Seems like it wouldn’t be crazy complicated (too complicated for me). I love bitwigs instruments but I haaaaaaates the piano roll. If I had a mini renoise plug device that could do that I would easily pay money for it. Sigh. A guy can dream. A guy can dream.

Is that not what Redux is?

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There is Redux also Revisit tracker and a few others if you search the internet.I think the developer of Sunvox is also planning a vst version.

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I thought redux was more of a sampler with tracker plug-in. As far as I know you wouldn’t use redux as a midi sequencer for a native instrument in bitwig or ableton. I’d love to be wrong about that though!

I’m planning on buying redux in the near future to see how I can integrate it with bitwig. I was thinking more of something like a tracker interpreter for the piano roll. I just hate all the clicking and drawing in notes after getting used to renoise. But I love the native instruments bitwig has. Some kind of module that would take a tracker style interface and talk to a programs piano roll. I’ll try to come up with a better sketch of what I mean. It’s all just talk anyways.

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You need a tracker vst that has midi out?I think revisit can do that

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I checked out revisit. That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I use Linux so I’m ass out on that one but hey good to know it’s out there. Thanks for the info!

Try a vst bridge like linvst it could work


Hey! I’ve been looking for a solution like this as well.

I’m trying to develop a solution that will open up Renoise with whichever DAW I’m sound designing it. It would be SO useful if there were actually a VST that could save the midi data with the project instead of juggling and saving/locating/opening

I bought Revisit but I’m not seeing it in my VST folders(Even then, its still not as flexible as Renoise is

In Reaper you can use hackey trackey:

Only for reaper though. BUT maybe it works in reajs ? REAPER | ReaPlugs