Tracker visuals don't sync with Audio with PDC?

Hi guys

I am wondering - why tracker delays with sound [actually tracker starts playing and then sound output starts] so there is delay in display. I think in V2.8 [I overwrite it with 3.0+] it was perfectly synced?

I have Win7, x64, i7, 16gb ram, good gfx card, ssd disk… but no external soundcard. All I create - I create on default motherboard’s soundcard… [I don`t care - sound is always perfect at the end]. :)

What do you think why it is happening? Latency does not help with syncing audio and tracker visuals. What fits perfectly synced is sample displays on Track Scopes panel. But it would be perfect IF tracker Kick display for example will fit middle line… Will [for example] latency in display disappear if I will plug separate soundcard into my PC?

Well now I was playing with settings and see that disabling Automatic PDC in Settings [Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation] makes tracker looks PERFECTLY synced!!!

My suggestion - if this is enabled - why you don`t add delay in displaying graphics so it will compensate that delay with audio when PDC is enabled??? This will help a lot especially for us [like me] who really needs all to be and look synced?

dude, some heavy plugins introduce huge amount of latency…do the math.