TRACKERCORPS: A discord community for tracker and breakbeat nerds

Hello, friends! Hope you’re all doing great.

In 2021, @AmaneOG + @Cubeinthebox and other few friends started a Discord server called “Renoise Breakcore”.

The server kept growing until, two years later (2023), we managed to organize a 15 track compilation (with over 40 submissions): Trackercorps Vol. 1

Now, after months of thought and a short rest, we decided to broaden up the server theme to include other trackers and music genres aside from Renoise and Breakcore. In other words, we’re now officially TRACKERCORPS.

The main goal of the community is to gather tracker aficionados in a friendly atmosphere, focusing on collaborative efforts:

  • teaching and learning tracker and dsp techniques;
  • running compilations and competitions;
  • making collabs;
  • exchanging mods and other files (samples, instruments, presets, etc);
  • discussing other interests, such as films, books, series, games, etc.

We also have an under-construction database of tracker related content, including sample packs, tips and tricks, etc (just ask).

If you’re chill and interested in being part of our community, feel free to follow the invite link:

By the way, we’re already planning Trackercorps Vol. 2 compilation.
Stay tuned (submissions NOT open yet). More info in this topic soon!

This is a very diverse server, with all kinds of people from different corners of the world, so avoid politics and other polemic/controversial topics, please! That said, we do not tolerate racism, homophobia or any other discrimination. Be nice to others, promote peace, discuss music and make some noise!


Submissions OPEN for VOL. 2: