Trackers With Controlable Loop Points

didnt reaLLY know where to put this, i guess here should be good enough.
has there ever been a tracker with controllable loop points?
tia :)

argurus new sampler directwave has automatable/midi-controllable controls for sample start & looppoints. might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but with it you can stick to renoise. :)

it is rather cool too. using ping-pong loopingmode & setting startposition behind looppoints plays the sample backwards from startpos and loops then.

the old SID trackers got sth. like that. but for single waveforms or envelopes.
for example, goattracker … but i’m not sure

79 bucks for a sampler that also has a record feature doesn’t sound much (in comparance to what you have to drop on the table for Kontakt:119 bucks just for the sampler only and you’re required to have a previous version of kontakt)
Considering the formats it supports…

True. Still more than I really want to be spending myself though…

He is working on a sample based tracker probably one based around his sampler…

likely that his sampler will end up in Aodix or his VSTI can receive some secret commands so it is better controlled.

I’ve seen a demo video of DirectWave.

It has a very good interface: a great mix of easyness and precision (mouse and keyboard).

It can be compared to NIKontakt1, but honestly Kontak2 is far better, though its interface is worse: the scripting capability is really great, and don’t forget that the price of K2 includes an huge and great sample library.

i was just wondering if there was ever one in the past that had this ability.
i guess not but it would sure be worth it to be able to do this.

…mentioned quite recently…15188413a7a5852

heh yeah i think theres close to around 5 threads about this, but this thread was mainly to find out if there ever was a tracker with this ability.
not for trivias sake, but i do kind of see this feature as an evolution of tracking,
and so i wondered whether or not maybe some one came back from the future, wrote a tracker. an then in secret, placed it on ftp among the hundreds of others… B)

cuz if there was, at least i/we could write some wavs using that ability an just bounce it back over to beloved renoise, i know theres vst plugs that can do it well, but the one that i like the most for doing that effect is only for pc, i jsut think it would sound alot better with it being a part of the trackers sampler an an added effect.

thanks for the heads up on your thread Alex, i jsut had an envelope idea. that would directly relate to your thread.