Tracking Live Instruments

Hello Everyone,

I just found out about renoise and have looked up as much info as I can find online about what I can do with it. Some of the posts date back a few years ago and it is possible that the answer to my question is already on here somewhere but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post something. I am pretty new to computer recording. I always used hardware digital 8track, 16 tracks etc… So far using recording software and all that has been pretty amazing…most with a steep learning curve but for the potential it seems worth it.

First I apologize if I don’t phrase things correctly. I am not trying to make anyone angry or irritated with my ignorance about most of the computer based recordng technology.

Is it possible to track live instruments, guitar, bass,etc… into renoise? I currently use Maschine and Pro Tools. Well I should say I use Maschine and Pro Tools has been nothing but a hassle so far. Does Renoise work like Maschine where you create samples of live instruments and then arrange them in scenes? Is Renoise anything like Pro Tools where you play directly along with tracks in a virtual studio?

From the you tube videos I have watched, obviously it looks as though Renoise is only for midi and electronic/sample based music. Which is not a bad thing. I would hope someone could clear that up for me.

Can I do more with Renoise other than sample or midi instrument based music creation?

Thanks in advance.

In major, Renoise is sample/midi based, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add live elements into your act. Renoise has a Line-in device at which you can attach any input source that you can connect or play an instrument to or even sing. Behind this line input device, you can insert other effects that you throughout can control using automation and even toggle effects on/off without you having to manually do this like you would have to do with footpedal effects.
Real-time render mode should allow you to render the input along with your output, though that one is based on catching output from external midi devices as so it sends notes to midi devices and then captures the audio using the line in device. Renoise remains silent during rendering in this case.
So for recording including vocals or live guitar playing, i think combining Renoise with another recording application or host that slaves Renoise through ReWire would perform the better option here.

What i do myself when playing guitar or riffs, i simply turn on the Metronome and sample the riffs in the sample recorder of Renoise, do this a couple of patterns and pick the best take. This for me personal works the fastest way to create something quickly.
This doesn’t quite electronic does it?

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it.

What does this mean " combining Renoise with another recording application or host that slaves Renoise through ReWire would perform the better option here.

Like I mentioned I still pretty new to the computer recording stuff. Does slave mean the same thing as plug in? What is ReWire? Thanks. I am looking up ReWire now.

I guess you found out, but if not:ReWire connects two audio applications and synchronizes they sequence. The audio goes form the slave application to the master and you should then also use the master application to record your audio in.
A master application can be an application like Reaper. Not all audio applications support ReWire.

I recently initiated a discussion about this elsewhere in the forum -

Hi! Extending this discussion (pardon future typos, it’s bourbon night!) I was finally able to get (force feed) ReNoise 2.8.1 to accept my PC/USB connection from a Radioshack MD-1700! I’m finding various xrni files to add for sound and effect but, none to the level of what I’m getting through the 76 key piano board (although it would be fun to add the ReNoise effects to them)! There have been a few live instrument xrni files that sound true to tone but others were really just half heartedly added or plagiarised by other users through various capacities…

I have several tones out of the 232 provided on my MD-1700 that I WANT to make into xrni files, as in - a PACK of tones for use with ReNoise… I’ve tried to make the Church Organ tone through the software provided but, it’s just not good enough! I was told by my friend that I would have to use a multi-sample software(?) or try to use audacity to record each individual note per key (and I am entirely willing to do so if that means better tone/quality!).

Does this mean I’m stuck recording with audacity note per note and mapping key per key or does anyone have a better suggestion, who will aid me in my madness?

9/21/12: edited for sobriety and because I can’t seem to delete this post; I am exploring other possibilities through the use of the Reaper program.