Tracking Reverb


New to Renoise and I’m really digging the ‘Delay’ column, it’s so great not having
to put silence at the start of my samples and use the Axx offset to change delay!

Now I’m trying to improve the implementation of ‘Reverb’ in tracking by leveraging
this awesome new feature. Unfortunately, it is sounding slightly choppy; below
is my current way of doing reverb in Renoise, I’d really like to know if anyone
has any tips on impementing reverb without devices or vst, just tracker stuff.

Here I’m just using a closed Highhat with Six Ticks per Line and 8 LPB.
There are three early reflections followed by echos coming in at different
angles. But my previous tracker was able to put filter cutoff values into
the effects column to reduce highs of these reflections; cant figure that
out in this tracker though (yet…).


Thanks, appreciate it. I’m totally going to be looking into that Multi-band send for sure;
it sounds like a very very useful device = )

That said, I just want to get better at the tracking portion of Renoise before moving
on to devices too much; so looking for reverb… but… without devices or vsts.

Since posting i’ve found out that it’s the panning that causes the choppyness,
i’m not used to the low resolution panning column yet… (00-80 vs 00-FF).

Still would be interested to know if anyone has any tips on implementing
reverb in the tracker.

Thanks again, have fun tracking!

Latest attempt is using the Sxx command to create the ‘dampening’ effect
also reduced the extreme panning to smooth it out some: