Tracking Seminar Held By Paniq/farbrausch

if you don’t know this already, you might be interested.
at this years breakpoint, leonard “paniq” ritter, held a little seminar about tracking, mastering and various related technical aspects.

i think it’s a really great effort doing this live infront of an audience, and the way he did it, was really well done especially because he’s no trained professional at such things ;)

unfortunately, paniq is a persuaded buzz abuser - so there’s no talk about renoise, but the mastering tricks might be helpful for one guy or the other.

if you don’t know his music, just trust me when i say that this guy knows what he’s doing (and saying).

have fun!

download [140MB, XVID]

edit: fixed link

pretty cool video… thanks for the link!!!

…aaaww how much I hate BUZZ :)

Seriously, man, why should you HATE Buzz? For instace, CUBASE and it’s cumbersomeness gave me many reasons to hate it, much more than buzz could do with just instability.

There’s no such thing as a perfect software - only in the world of pure ideas, where everything exist and waits for our attention.

There’s no need to compare buzz and Renoise - they’re different, that’s all. IMHO, in terms of routing and sound schemes (sidechaining, etc) buzz in better and more efficient and usercpu friendly than ANY software. And in terms of writing music “on the fly”, editing versatility and “magic” - Renoise can take on ANY application and win.

I use both for different types of music; buzz for tracks with more “clubby” grooves and sound, and Renoise for a more soulful and elaborate music.

Pardon long speech, i just don’t see much point in hating things, especially software… :rolleyes:

it’s statements like this that make me feel like i made the right decision in choosing renoise :D

well it’s just a matter of personal tastes and what you expect from a sequencer, of course.

Viewing that patterns and arranger again, made me shiver… I really don’t like it: it leads me to “make 4/4 and tweak that knobs” stuff, like every other thing which is not a real tracker.

This does not mean that you can only make 4/4 measures in BUZZ: it’s a matter of my limitations.