Tracking Technique Terms List

is there a list of technique terms widely used by trackers? if not then maybe there should be one. something that could identify certain methods like pitch rolls, stretches, retriggering, gating an such. if there is not i would suggest a good way would be naming them after either the tracker-programmer that 1st gave the possiblity or by the tracker-artist that figured out how to do it. :)

if anyone would care to enlighten me i would write it, i know theres got to be something already like this, maybe not. i’m probably just not looking in the right places. this is mainly for descriptive purposes, for ways of communication between composition, of deeply edited works. so hopefully help bridge the gap.
theres got to be something already, even if its only retained in a few ppl’s minds

I think Wikipedia is &the place for it to state these definitions and give the examples.

The definition is already there, examples lack:

Or you can start a wiki for these things of your own and add a link to it here:

On the other hand, some good tips are there to be found on the handbook.
Not only terms but also explanations of certain ideas under each of the upper menu-links.