Trackpad Problem With White Macbook 2007 + Lion


I am new to Renoise. I search the forum with keyword “Macbook” “TrackPad”, but didn’t find the same problem I am having.

Without a point device, when I use my White MacBook’s trackpad (2007 model) to use as a mouse, Renoise doesn’t seem to respond to any click or double click. I am running OS X Lion. I tried disabling gestures on the TrackPad Preferences page to no effect. Any advice please?


you really need advice from a Mac-user here, but let me just get this out of the way: does your trackpad work outside of Renoise?

Yeah it works fine with other programs except Renoise really. (Just to be clear, this trackpad thing is built into the MacBook.) I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that Renoise has its own way of building the GUI.

Can you confirm you are using Renoise 2.7.2? If not, can you re-try with the latest version?

[i]Try logging out of your OSX user account, then log into a different account, then back out and into your original account.

There have been a few OSX keyboard related issues which this method seems to ‘fix’, so maybe it’ll work for you also. [/i]


Thanks so much. Works like a charm! So I guess it’s really a OSX keyboard issue.