tracks 4 boxing day [free album]

(af95) #1

Hey you all! I’ve been using Renoise for over a year and half now, and I’d like to share with you some of my latest works. :walkman:

Here you go:

I can mention on the top of my head some amazing vstis I used to make most of these tracks:

Drumatic 4 for drums, or just the simple Renoise 2 808 drumkit! I used TAL’s NoiseMaker and Bass Line for lots of stuff (they have amazing sounds and costumizations). Some combination of Synth 1 and Sylenth 3 (because one sounds really old and dated, but there are so many instruments, and the other sounds way better but I find it less appealing to use).

So, anyway, there you go! 14 tracks for your enjoyment. Merry xmas to you all!

And thanks to the Renoise team for the amazing tool they have built for us. I’m always so amazed with what one can do with Renoise. It seriously blows my mind! :slight_smile: