Track's audio routing control

Hello guys,
I’ve one question : is there any plugin that can select all the track’s audio routing device in order to change all the tracks’ output device in one click?
because for example if you have 50 or 100 tracks in your project and you need to change the output of all the tracks one by one it can takes ages sometime :slight_smile:

cheers :wink:

I haven’t done that specifically but I bet you can create a new track to route them all through, then use a SEND or one of those things to bounce them to the new track. I’m curious about this now and I’m gonna look into it

EDIT: That should work, just create new sidechains for each set of tracks you want to control and use the SEND thing, or am I missing something?

Like right here tracks 9 and 10 are both routed through the first sidechain, then you could control both of them from there

well i think you misunderstood my question
i’m asking if there is a way to change all channel’s output in one time image

this to avoid to do it one by one on each track’s project (specially if you have 100 tracks in your projects it’s gonna take ages)

cheers !

PS: maybe by editing the song.xml of the project and replace the value of each track’s output? that would be kinda bricolage.

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Here is some lua-code which lets you do it. Maybe you or somebody else can turn it into a tool plugin.
With this, it will print the available outputs and you need to replace the number accordingly (currently of value 1)

local routings =[1].available_output_routings

for i, track in pairs( do
  if track.type == renoise.Track.TRACK_TYPE_SEQUENCER then
    track.output_routing = routings[1]
[1] =>  Master
[2] =>  Output 01 Left/Right
[3] =>  Output 02 Left/Right
[4] =>  Output 03 Left/Right
[5] =>  Output 04 Left/Right
[6] =>  Output 05 Left/Right
[7] =>  Output 06 Left/Right
[8] =>  Output 07 Left/Right
[9] =>  Output 08 Left/Right
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thank you very much Loolarge, if i find some free time i’m gonna try to build a plugin out of it

Cheers !!!

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