Tracks Crashing When Run In Vista-64bit..

I recently installed Vista 64bit on my laptop and since I installed it I have been having trouble with roughly 1 in every 4 tracks when it comes to loading them up. I keep getting “Runtime Error 216 at 15AB3202” and then “Runtime Error 216 at 15AB58A2” errors popping up when I try to load them. I think it may be a problem with a VST running under Vista64 but I’m unsure, the files themselves shouldn’t be corrupt as i have them backed up twice over and it happens on each backup.

Is there a way to fix this, or am I going to have to reinstall Vista32 again and go through the days and days of updating and installing a fresh install?

btw, i was unsure if this should go in the bugs forum or in here… I’m also using Renoise about 7 years now and absolutely love it to bits. :D

Ok, so its definitely a problem Vista64 is having with loading these tracks. I can load them up on another machine running XP no problem still. I guess I’ll just rebuild the tracks again, be quicker and more fun than re-installing my whole OS and reinstalling all my VST’s and whatnot again :P


I’ve used Renoise with Windows Vista 64bit Ultimate and now using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and no troubles so far.

Maybe there’s something weird happening with your VST’s … or… most popular issue with 64bit Systems … upgrade to newer device drivers.

I think its Vista because Vista is sh*t. downgrade to xp.