Tracks I use for inspiration

Because I’m always asking for granular resources and yakkin’ about Max/MSP and glitch/abstract music, there’s a set of videos of a sequencer I purchased in the past called 2020 Semi-Modular Beat Machine. It’s constructed in Max/MSP and is generative in nature. This is what I like to reference for sound on occasion. The videos by “Hirota i” are the ones I find the most compelling. They’re pretty much sine-wave based, with a small amount of FM thrown in.

This is the full list: 2020 - YouTube

Renoise can do MOST of what this software does, and better. It’s pretty neat, though, and a great way to experience stuff many most likely haven’t heard before.

And an example of how Renoise pretty much nails it!


Neat stuff. When watching the first video I thought to myself “I think you can make Renoise do something like this”. Then I read your next paragraph and see the video where you did it. :smile:

I quite like the look of beat machine.

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