tracks play despite the volume is down

3829 Screenshot from 2013-01-15 01:16:33b.png Hey Guys,

i have a strange problem with my 2.8. i had 8 tracks. in every track is playing one instrument with a looped sample. all instruments got started via osc command.
after i imported 2 more instruments. i got problems with the mixer. its not possible to change the volumes of the track. track one to 7 are silent track 8,9 and 10 are playing but i cannot change the volume of the tracks. beside that the volume display looks different. more grey. i attach a screenshot. any ideas what happend to my set?
im on unbuntu 12.04. by the way when i try to make a screenshot in fullscreenmode my screen freeses.

got it,
can someone delete this post. just found the pre vs. post mixer setting…