Traditional Daw

i love the layout and just the look of renoise! unfortunately i have always used linear type daws and am learning renoise.9i bought it to make myself rethink my music by rethinking the way i record.) do you think renoise will ever add the option for a linear type of window for traditional recording? i think it would sell very well due to the stability and quality of it’s effects.

By linear do you mean a horizontal/piano roll type interface? In my opinion Renoise’s greatest strength is that it isn’t like other daw’s. If people want a traditional interface they can have their pick of the others, it’s a relatively crowded sector of the market already.

i never used a tracker before i bought renoise

but now i cant even work in other sequencers,so i make my music in renoise and arrange in live intro

you can still use renoise with other sequencers through rewire,it works great