Trailer For "The Key"

Some Live, some Renoise.

Nice music, and nice electronic dubstep ending. Hope you will relase whole ost :)


The OST will probably be available somehow when the film is released…

Oh man! Yo Gabba Gabba hits it big! I think the track is way better than the movie looks judging from the trailer anyway… You really captured the emotion and took me to a place where I actully wanted to watch the trailer. BIG UP!


Thanks dude!

I double that!
Awesome job! :yeah:

It’s just mind-blasting at 1:33

The composition is very good, solid and really follows enhance and buildup well.

There were two things that made it sound just a little weak at some places, the hihat and the slightly to weak orchestral sound.
But it was only a minor thing, nothing that affects the track.

The ending…Awesome! Really kicks ass!

Overall great stuff!

The ending r0ckx indeed!!! that dubstep is ass kicking!!