Trailer whoosh hit - trigger sample

(Garth Knight) #1

Hi haven’t posted in ages but was wondering the best way to trigger an epic drum hit sample that has a ‘Whoosh’ just before the transient of the hit ? I need the transient to be on the grid obviously but the whoosh to play just before it.

If I trigger the sample normally it plays too late as it will obviously play the whoosh part first , but how to get it to play in time?

Thanks in advance.

(ffx) #2

Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but are you aware of the delay column next to each note?

(robin_) #3

just insert silence at the start of the sample until placing it at a convenient number of lines before the actual hit lines it up perfectly, takes some fiddling and will be bpm/lpb specific but works.
you could also separate the initial whoosh and the hit as different slices and work your way from there if you don’t want to alter the source sample

(Veggies) #4

Trial and error has always been good enough for me. Though I imagine if you were doing a lot of it in a track, with different samples, it might get tedious. Make sure you have autoseek enabled for the sample so you can preview from the line where it’s supposed to hit. But I don’t think there’s any feature built in to help, other than changing the measurement in the sample view to “Beats” to get an idea of where to start, and adjust from there.

Edit: Joule nails it in the reply below

(joule) #5

As long as you just want to sync it for a specific pitch, it’s pretty simple.

Just use the bottom ruler in the sample editor. (Notice how it changes if you adjust the BPM of the song, or the transpose/finetune of the sample). Set it so that your desired pitch is triggered when playing a C-4 on your computer keyboard. Now pad the beginning of your sample with silence so that the desired “hit point” lines up perfectly to one of the x.x.0 numbers on the bottom ruler. (optional, if you don’t wanna do the maths needed to line it up with delay effects)

Depending on what your LPB is, it will amount to x number of lines. Now you’ll be able to trigger the sample x lines before you want the “hit”, without using any delay effect. And you’ll even see the exact position of the hit in the sample editor if you zoom it while looking at the ruler.

OK, it’s a bit tricky to explain in text, but if you do some trial&error investigation to what the bottom ruler means I’m pretty sure that you’ll understand how to do it.

(Zer0 Fly) #6

I do add silence to the end of sample, mark the transient/position I want to sync as left selection border, and as right border the nextbest beat position (with snapping set to “beats”). Then copy and paste (and turn to silence) at the beginning of the sample. It will shift the spot you had as left border of the selection while copying exactly to the right selection border. The added extra silence can then be removed.

Then I sequence the note the number of lines/beats ahead in time.

(Garth Knight) #7

Hey everyone thanks so much for the tips!

I figured it out in the end I just use 2 slots and use 2 samples- one for the hit and one for the whoosh which I trigger at the appropriate line before the hit, thanks again