Trampling Out (synthfunk or something like that)

I started using Renoise last september but only managed to finish three tunes so far (I’ve had loads of experience on other platforms though). So probably there’s quite a bit there what you would consider amateurish. But I’m curious to hear any ideas for improvement, whether it’s in the composition department or on the production. Thanks!

Thanks for the tips & feedback, I’ll look into them. Certainly could sound less synthy and more live-like.

Btw i think they call this electrofunk? Or is synthfunk another time-honoured genre?

Ah, that was just the first genre tag that I could think of. Added electrofunk on the tag list, for completeness’ sake :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed your tune abad3AD. Trouble is with listening to songs is that I sometimes find myself sketching patterns based on grooves. Mine didn’t turn out as well as yours though :unsure:

–Dead Link–

(But it’s a bit of fun nevertheless…) :slight_smile:

Working on it a bit more… :slight_smile:

That’s actually really good. Keep working on it!

I downloaded it when you posted it, but oddly enough only got round to listening to it today. I have to say it’s really nice. I could have both this and the OP’s tune on loop indefinitely. Good stuff, more please.

Cheers, I’m glad you quite liked it :slight_smile: Just a silly tiny quick ditty of mine. (IMO maybe one day I might go from a completely rubbish musician to novice level so I have a chance to complete things. I’m trying to have a go at the SDCompo 93 sample pack, and it’s near killing me to write anything to novice level to be honest. Safe to say I find music exceptionally difficult :unsure:)

I like this tune a lot! Nothing wrong with it I would say… Good work!

Wooow, that’s what I call feedback! Honoured to have you liking it, HeadphoneCue and Jurek :wink:

I’m now thinking that there’s too much bass in there and slight overuse of the delay effect. So, a better mix is on the way. Actually it’s done already but somehow I don’t feel like uploading revisions of one and same tune to SoundCloud.