Trance Is Sooo Gay

definitely definitely. bring it on! when is that beta coming out?

As the Swedish gay-trancer I am, I’ll definately take part again!

Your arguments don’t make any sense. Translated from english to spanish and back to english again, that is. :P

what you were sayin?? :huh:

hehe… “tei dragostan of dinar” :lol:

I am one juste Saying that, if you translate again a equipment in babelfish that of altavistas Spanish of English and o’pjscen, in deed one of English her Germany of Spanish… s chineese these you could receive little enough the illegible way!

Know what I’m sayin’?

i was just kidding :) i think you didnt read the quote in my post :)

Funny video, is that guy wearing nail polish? :ph34r:

I can see it too. Probably an opaque shade of infatuous red. I didn’t notice it the first time. What effort they put into this. Bravo!

Haha, it’s a first rate production. :lol: When he’s typing on his laptop in mIRC, I thought I saw white nail polish and nail extensions? :ph34r: Hah yep, there it is, 2:29, freeze frame! “You have been very strange to me”
Ahh I think I get it, that’s supposed to be ‘Anna’ maybe? :rolleyes:

Whoa I just noticed, :panic: thanks for linking SDCompo man! :yeah:

lol :lol:

Generally I agree with the content:
I know I make no sense… but baby i’m teh shit

your trance music is officially accepted by only the delays. :yeah:

Just HAD to include your original post for easy comparison, hehehe… :D How the heck did ‘retards’ become ‘delays’?? Can I please change the name of the native delay-effect to a retard-effect??? Pleeease??? Hahaha, now I can’t wait to be able to sort VST’s into my selfmade categories!

Trackit: I read your comment, I laughed and kept on doing the translate-thingey. :P

You’re right Sonicade (np btw). It must’ve been Anna the Bot. As it turns out, she was a human girl posing as a bot to attract more guys on mIRC. It all makes perfect sense.

I’m not sure this ties in too well, but whatever happened to Ragdolly Anna?

This weekend I went to Grönalund a swedish Tivoli and accidently happened to see him live performing this song in his first live concert.
I was kind of surprised that it was a really professional performance and he did some improvisation that was quite good.

He is thinking of translating the song to german or english because of the internet hit it has become…

I actually was in Stockholm this weekend, for the first time in a few years. And I missed this concert :( Wonder if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself!? :rolleyes: