Trance Is Sooo Gay

LOL Funny :)


Only the most played song here this summer… Never seen the video before though. B)

I’ve never seen any woman in the IRC, except my girlfried, who I needed to
force to use an IRC-Proggy instead of an InsteadMessenger … ;)
and the guy in the video looks strange aswell … I allways thought that the
people I’m talkin to are geeks with 90-inch-eyeglasses …

strange world …

Wow. I’ve seen this video last week but it wasn’t subtitled. To think I could have missed lyrics like “But Anna said to me I’m not a Bot”… :w00t:

Was it really “ein veritabler Sommerhit in Skanidinavien”? It’s ridiculous enough to be a joke.

Eraserhead : I’ve seen a woman on IRC. It was an Amiga geek’s channel, and she was rather sad and bitter.

It’s nr 3 on the singles list here right now. I was told it started as a joke though…

Hehehe, pure class, shame they wasted such a nice looking club on it. Probably a good job we never see that much of Anna’s bot :lol:

That song was SO overplayed on TG, I got the joke and laughed of the lyrics the first time but 3rd place? Come on… That’s just silly. :rolleyes:

The video could have been funny if he didn’t have to try too hard to look ‘cool’ like he does, and that horrid platinum-blonde girl? Gwah, this is just a BIT too much posh Stocholmishly swedish for me. :P

Maybe some cartoon-thing would have saved this, but now it’s just crap. Even if the vid is a joke in itself.

my comments: what a bunch of morons and how gay is your country…

goddamn you seem to like it too, and it’s even a worse song then that retarded ‘dragostan din tei’ music wich was officially accepted by only retards. You must be proud


Well, we both know as musicians, quality does not matter these days. There is so much sh*t in the charts, nobody wants to believe it.

Just some examples:

Kuh von Malibu (Cow of Malibu)
Sonnenlischt (Sunlighghght)
Schnappi, the little crocodile

So, however - charts are “made up” somehow by the kids. There is no importance in usual good music like real techno, drum and bass, even good hip hop because WE buy our favourite music directly from the indie-labels or get it through friends.

The problem is, that people with music-affinity are not the target market of the major-labels. And so, CRAP like the stuff I linked here, is usually released.

Then do like me; Don’t give a f**** about the charts. :P

I was at this top20 concert the other day in Oslo, approx. 80-100 000 people where there and I regretted even showing up the moment I arrived. But I was there with gf & friend, and had been stuck inside with crap social life for some time, so I stayed.

But, man… The big money appears to be in this junk. So if you don’t have a soul (or can vacant yours for a little while), go ahead and go 100% commercial!! :rolleyes:

When I was a FT2’er I was in this ‘group’ called KGwannaB and we seeked world domination with our superfantastic chippy, housey, ripped off & drum&bassy music (as a couple of our friends said we should get a record contract because we were super cool). Anyway, one of our gang got a tip from Dj Eskimo (if any of you know that name), who was starting to release singles at the time, that he should be more commercial in his music. So in stead of adapting to what he loved he went for what was in the charts. :blink:

Long story short: The second he found somebody else to hang with he was gone.

The moral of this story is: I’m still kinda annoyed at that individual, stay true to yourself and the music, not the potential audience & Dj Eskimo’s music is getting real boring (sorry Petter, it HAD to be said).

Well, we don’t headlessly spend our money at everything new & cute. :P

We just download from CTG, & purchase odd stuff in small vinyl-shops. :rolleyes:

Sure, I like it. In fact it’s the best song I’ve ever heard (possibly after dragonstan din tei). And my country is extremely gay and everyone are morons here. :yeah: :lol:


LOOL - so, we need another trance is gay compo soon :)

Respect Sweden, homeland of Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch. :wub:

yeah sweden is good… i like to go skiing in Åre :)

…and don’t forget Anna the Bot :D

Oh, and sweden has the pirate-party…

i would definitely participate. i loved hearing the entries for the 1st compo. it was right after i had discovered renoise :)

my favourite part about this video is how he is riding his boat in a channel…

That guy is free your mind.