Trance Music

I feel that a lot of trance tracks has parts that i would use words like ethereal, majestic, gorgeous, uplifting, and epic to describe it. I think a lot of that has to do with the chord progressions, synth sounds, atmopherics, pads etc.


I’m drunk too ;]

I just love oldschool proggresive trance like this:

Check out Andy Blueman.

I think Trance has been uncool for so long that it’s becoming cool again.

Anyway, since I got the opportunity, I’ll post a recent favorite of mine!

Thats progressive house, though anyway I totally left that genre because all the (I’ll be polite) bad stuff that recently comes up there. Hell, David Guetta’s prog house today!!! <_<

I never get that difference :) For me they should start track with voice “This is trance” “this is progressive tance” etc hehe.

Btw, i uploaded my 1st and last trance track dont know its even trance. Last year creation and hmmm Well it sucked, but i was like dj fuckhead, and realy liked motive i created da dadada… but i wasnt on drugs :P

Well basically Trance came out of House music. So if a track in the beginning and in the end sounds different (not talking about the intro/outro) and it has a moment where most instruments disappear and a new lead comes in together with a big snare roll or noisefall then it probably can qualify as trance. And usually it’s easy to distinguish trance and house by duration. A typical house track is ~5 min and trance is ~6-10 min. Though there are dozens of exceptions.
That was in fact a horrible explanation, but anyway…

That track of yours actually comes close to techno/hard trance, though it doesn’t have those noisefalls like I mentioned. It’s almost normal trance, but I wouldn’t risk playing it in my sets. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a great song ( :yeah: ), but it just different to everything else I’ve got! My only complain is the cheesy mastering, though I guess you decided not to pay much attention to it, cause it’s not that cool as your other magnificent works?

This is my remix of a famous trance track. I’ve tried to stay true to how melodic uplifting trance actually should be except the bpm should be a bit faster. I dont know how to master btw :confused:

Nope theres simpler reaons :) I like track but then it wasnt mastered back then so since im not using reaper anymore i just throwed wave to renoise and some reverb and delay. And still this is eariel version.

I was changing something here and + lacking good mastering skill (But I tried :) ) it was all moody and strange, and nwbass vst broke too and i coulnt fix it. So total disaster after disaster ;) this is oryginal one:

Maybe ill return to it, but I think it needs to be rebuild:)

@Rakib great track, love your remix. There are tutorials about mastering here :Mixing and Mastering