Trance Track - Honest Appraisal And Constructive Criticism Sought

Hi guys,

I posted in here a few weeks ago about a trance track I am working on using Renoise. I got some very useful feedback, in particular that it sounded flat, which was possibly due to EQing. To cut a long story short, EQing was indeed an issue, but lots of other stuff as well, which I don’t need to bore you with. :)

The reason I’m back is because I feel my track has got a whole lot better, and I’m really starting to believe that somebody might be interested in publishing it. What I am asking is for some of you to take a listen and, if necessary, burst my bubble. If there are things wrong with my track then I want to hear about it before submitting it in the publisher’s dropbox. I can’t ask my friends or relatives because none of them know anything about music and so they’ll all just say it is good. ;)

You can hear it here. The clip comprises the second half of the song, it begins abruptly so don’t start it with the volume high:

For those who are interested, it’s wholly composed with Renoise, mostly using synths from Superwave and Renoise’s built-in DSPs. The only processing I did outside of Renoise was, I applied some parallel compression using Audacity, to bring out some of the detail and give it a bit more life.

If you take a listen then thanks very much for your time, it’s really appreciated. :)

Hmmm… The drums are a little lost in the mix to my ears… Too much verb? Lower volume of the bass? The mix had a lot of different synths and elements, you might be able to pan some of those things a little harder… Left or right or both…

Overall… Good track… Keep on trucking

Thanks very much, I’ll have a play around with your suggestions. :)