Transfer VST groups to another computer?

All right so I keep all my VST’s in neat orderly groups by type. I have all my VSTs on my little netbook and songs open and recognize them fine. Is there a file somewhere I can copy and replace to get the VST groups I have setup on my desktop?

I don’t completely get what you are asking for.
You have setup VST groups on your desktop or in Renoise?

You can create (add) groups in Renoise by rightclicking on any VST in the effects or instrument list and select add to group or ungroup.

I’ve organized, within Renoise, all my VSTs on my desktop computer. I have all the same VSTs on my netbook and I want the groupings I have setup in Renoise to show up on my netbook without me having to manually ungroup and regroup everything over again.

edit: organized on my desktop:
same vst’s, unorganized on my netbook:

basically I’m asking is there a file somewhere that stored the grouping data that I can just copy/replace to make my netbook groups match my desktop groups.

Aha that “desktop”.
You might want to copy and paste the Cachedvst.db files from the preferences folder if that is what you want. (Help -> Show preferences folder)

Aha, that’s what I need! I was trying the cachedvst.db in the root of the renoise install folder, and it of course did absolutely nothing. Will try this when I get home in a few hours.

edit: It worked by the way. Sweet sweet organized VST list.