Transfering A Song Between Computers


I just started using renoise last week and I started work on some stuff. I emailed the song files and the samples to myself, and tried to load them up on my computer at home. So I selected load song and chose the file, but the notes were all blank. I pointed the sample selector to the folder which contained all the samples I used but that didn’t make it work either!

Is there a special step I need to take to make it so I can work on one project on seperate computers?


Renoise songs are totally self-contained (except for VST plug-ins of course), so there is no need to handle songs and samples seperately. You simply have to save the song using the correct method in the disk browser and that will create an .XRNS song file. Transfer this .XRNS file to your other computer and load it. That should be all you need to do.


Thanks for the reply!

That’s pretty much what I did! For some reason, when I open the XRNS with Renoise it just comes up blank…Maybe mailing it messed with the file extention (my computer did think it was a zip at first.) I’ll check it out and try again.

XRNS files are indeed compressed archives; an XRNS song contains:

  • an XML file describing the song (list of instruments, tracks, notes, …)
  • samples organized in folders

probably in some way you have extracted the XML inside the XRNS and renamed it back to XRNS