Transient - Green Butter Ep

y0! my green butter ep was just released for download!

direct zip here:

release page:

everything made with renoise except track 7-8 which were made with bhajis loops (palm os)

enjoy :D

something like that. but i’ve slowed down quite a bit, this is actually my first release of 2010. not much motivation to put anything out these days.

haha, yup pretty much (about the moving too fast, not your album being crap :P) but hey, i’m still making music, i’d prefer it gets released so … people hear it and stuff :P

haha, sounds like a plan, but count me out! no kids for me :P

When are you coming back down to Philly?! Maybe the Rotunda=) When you do, can I open up for you :lol:

could be a possibility to come down but it will probably be with the band i play with rather than a transient set :) but either way i’ll definitely letcha know if it happens, and also opening could be sweet as well!

cool stuff :)

thx man :)