Transient - Live @ Natural Method Yoga Studio [nvr039]

While technically not a complete renoise release, several of the tunes in the set were made using renoise. Also, all the live elements other than the guitar are running from renoise. So I figured I’d throw it up here :)

Live set preformed @ natural method yoga studio in Amsterdam, Ny on August 15th, 2009. I play guitar and piano over a calming selection of ambience from my catalog for about an hour. Suitable for relaxing, meditating, sleeping, etc. Enjoy!

01: peace (from ‘the little number eats the big number’ on miasmah)
02: warm night lullaby (from ‘crossways compilation’ on thinner)
03: sleepy eyes (released anonymously on ansiform)
04: love story (from ‘feel good inside’ on camomille)
05: bedroom ambient 02 (from ‘demeter weeps compilation’ on camomille)
06: in shadows (from ‘quietest ep’ on noisy vagabond)
07: treelighting ceremony from a distance (from ‘be ep’ on monotonik)
08: random ambient rumblings (live)
09: midnight waterfall (from ‘spoonmusic compilation’ on spoomusic)
10: prayer for understanding (from ‘prayers ep’ on observatory online)
11: artroom (released anonymously on ansiform)
12: head in those clouds (from ‘the little number eats the big number’ miasmah)
13: squared away (from ‘single sample sessions’ on noisyvagabond)
14: surface tension (from ‘waveform ep’ on laverna)
15: melts away (from ‘melts away…’ on noisy vagabond)

Downloadable @ noisyvagabond
Direct Link : MP3

come to Philly again! I promise I won’t miss it this time.

hehe, hopefully someday i’ll make it back :) and if i do i’ll definitely let you know.
for now, come to upstate ny! it’s gorgeous up here! :P