Hi, I’m lazi.

Previously I solely used Reason/Recycle to lay down the base of my tracks and then follow up in Cubase to chop stuff up. However, Renoise looks like it has so much more control - especially for beat slicing, which I want. However, I’m totally new to this style of production - how long does it take to come to grips with this program? I’d also like to ask what sort of VST’s work well with Renoise - would Kontakt be a good investment?
I’m a huge fan of Venetian Snares and the breakcore sort of style, if this helps get an idea of what I’ll be trying to do with Renoise.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!



Word is not a VST ;)

Yes, Kontakt works very well in Renoise, though I don’t know if it would fit your needs, as I don’t know anything about Venetian Snares’ music (really!!! Yes, really…)

It has scripting capabilities, advanced memory manangement, multilayering and lot more.

However, as some videos seem to demonstrate, for what VSnares do, Renoise only is enough

Thanks It-Alien for your input - and for not being pretentious!

I’ll definitely check that out on youtube, and try out kontak with renoise after I become a little more comfortable with the renoise interface. Cheers


Seriously though, there are many posts on these forums to do with creating breakcore and chopping beats. Please learn to use the Search function ;)

… and I am in no way trying to be pretentious, I just don’t feel like reposting stale information in this redundant thread ;)

just give it a few solid months of your complete attention. (yes all night after work tell your gf to deal with it)…
renoise is my 1st tracker… I’ve been making EM for about 10years now and I only discovered trackers last year. I feel so f****ing ripped off. I even had an amiga! (but i was like 10 yrs old???)
f cubase
f flootyroops
f reason
<3 reaktor
<3 renoise

… oh and for the record I think vSnares f****ing rocks.

And Foo? is a pretentious grumpy bum :(

Ahh, but we’re certainly here to help out, so keep asking those questions ;)

Hi Lazi,

I’ve had Renoise for about a month, having never used a “Tracker” before, and I’m really loving it. It takes a fair while to get proficient with it (I’ve still got a LOT to learn), but it’s so easy to work with I’m not finding the learning curve to be a burden.

The Pattern Editor reminds me a lot of the Edit Page from Notator 3.1 - something I’ve actually missed a lot in PC sequencers. :)

With regards to Kontakt, just bear in mind that you will be restricted to using the stereo outputs within Renoise.



Agreed that it is the user and not the software, for sure. But Renoise makes things a lot better. You can get your ideas down faster so you dont lose interest, which is the best thing about it…

@Foo?: Im amused by your grumpiness recently!

Yeah that is a very good point. I learnt tracking from the old .mod files on the amiga.

‘cream_of_the_earth’ taught me so much.

As did the song on included on the front cover of Amiga Format when they included the Protracker 3.x cover disk (If anyone has this I would love to get the .mod!!)

A picture is worth a thousand words so how many are 29.97 picures a second worth to you? Here’s a link of a vsnares track using Renoise:

After seeing this video, it all made sense to me. If you navigate to the downloads section and download the latest beatbattle results (#4) there are a few breakcore tracks in there. BoTB is the one I remember off the top of my head. There are at least 1 more in there. Load them up in Renoise and play around. Trial by fire, best way to learn.

Good luck.

My original post was a bit unclear…it’s been quite awhile since I asked questions about software, so I’m finding it a little daunting and I probably sound mental to some of you. However, appreciate ALL your advice!

The Reason interface is very visual and of uses the horizontal style sequencer - very different than Renoise of course - so I’m wondering if there are any Reason users here who have switched to using Renoise, and if so, do you have any advice to share?

My music sounds nothing like vsnares or bogdan and I’m not going to try to sound like them, I just like the beats and hope to produce music with a little more complexity in the future. You can hear some of my music
here. Please comment on it if you have a chance, I don’t share my music with other musicians often so any feedback is welcome!

Sincerest thanks for your replies!

How long have you been in Taipei?

Just over two years…do I know you? I used to live in Montreal before I came here.
Excellent tunes by the way

I went to Taiwan to visit this guy in 2003. I was wondering if I knew you? I liked the tunes you had on your myspace page, very “deep” - were you involved in Montreal drum & bass? Like, Junglist Fridays? Or something?

Anyway, Welcome to the board.

That’s awesome. I pass by some of those places he painted on a regular basis, however I’m usually in such a rush that I’ve never stopped to look at the art. Is he still here? How’d you like Taiwan?

I unfortunately wasn’t involved in the Montreal d&b scene, I spent most of my time cruizing on my crappy bike, working, or in school. The closest I got to any live d&b was seeing Squarepusher’s brother open for him in 2004 (I think), it was the best dj set I’d ever heard.

Thanks for the welcome, and for diggin’ my tunes!