Transpose +1 With Instrument?

Hey, lately I have been making more renoise instruments to write music, but I can’t figure out how to transpose the note up +1 without either using individual samples or assigning them all to other keys.

So I guess the more pointed version of the question is, can you just transpose a note +1 in the arranger without doing the same to all the notes in a track, because renoise won’t let me. Thanks.

Let me clarify. I make instruments in renoise but when I try to transpose the pitch up on one of the sample with advanced edit, iti ends up just playing the next sample in the instrument. I want to know if there is any way to pitch up the samples in an instrument like this.

so you would like to use the transpose feature in advanced edit to tracspose an instrument from C-4 to D4- without taking in count the fact that in your instrument D-4 is assigned to another sample?

this is not possible. you have to use pitch up command 01xx in order to do this.

Maybe not what you’re after but changing the “base note” in the instrument settings should work. Unless you in a specific track or song want to change all C-4 entries to be something else e.g. D-4 without changing the base note of the instrument/sample.

If you want to increase the pitch, lower the base note, to decrease it, increase the base note.

That’s what I was suspecting.

Thanks for the help!