Transpose All Basenotes In Instrument?

Okay, I’m probably missing something obvious here since my forum searches turned up nothing. What happened to the lovely “transpose all basenotes” buttons? I can’t seem to find this option anywhere. It’s a real pain having to manually change all the basenotes of a multisample instrument when all you want to do is raise every basenote up an octave or something.

you can select all samples in an instrument and then use the transpose slider?

I feel your pain. Yes you can hit alt in the lower instrument box to select that box and then alt a.
But the way it was was hmmm hitting just one button !
please bring it back + 1

Unfortunately the transpose slide doesn’t have the same functionality…I don’t want to transpose the pitches, I want the samples to correspond to different midi notes.

I’m not sure I understand…what does Alt+A do? Are you talking about pressing Ctrl+A to select all? Even if all the samples are selected, pressing the basenote up and down arrows doesn’t move them all up or down one, as you might expect, but instead changes them to all have the same basenote (!).

I’m sorry here, i made a mistake, i meant ctrl+a . And indeed, it works the way you discriped , it’s the only solution to pitch up or down multiple samples in one instrument in 2.7 .

Click all layer-regions (either single, ctrl+click or shift+click) you want to affect in the sample keyzone area and then right-click the specific note on the keyboard you want to use as the basenote for all the selected layers.

I think he wants to transpose basenotes respective of their current setting, not make all the same which can be done.

Yes, that’s correct, kazakore. I’d like to shift them all relatively. It’s especially troublesome for multisample instruments when there’s a different sample for every note.

It seems it’s simply not possible in 2.7 anymore. It would be great if the buttons existed, or if the option was at least hidden in a context menu.

The extended drumkit mapper offered such functionality (shifting all samples up and down the keyboard including the basenote), but i didn’t updated it to 2.7 because i considered 2.7 native tools making the extended drumkit manager obsolete.
And it isn’t easily updatable since i have to change the routines to work with the keyzones now instead of direct mapping them to keys.

Thanks for the help…maybe I should learn LUA and script a tool for this!