Transpose Keyboard In Semitones

I’d like ability to transpose keyboard in semitones instead of full octaves. Doesn’t even need new gui elements. Just replace Keyb. Octave with Keyb. Transpose. R-drag increases/decreases in semitones and L-drag in octaves.

New keyboard shortcuts would be required of course.

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But then things like the ability to assign the A key to replace the faulty Caps Lock key will not be possible because at some transposes the A key will be a nite!

Also Transpose/Keyboard Octave also applies to MIDI Keyboard and this will do very strange things to them!

Bad idea IMO.

Wow! Only keys I would have to learn would be C major and A minor! Yes it would be possible to assign A key or any other as they are now. Transposing doesn’t mean that the actual keys that play notes change, it’s just the notes that those keys play that shift. You wouldn’t see the keys moving on midi keyboard either, would you?

I’m not really for or against, just seying there’s multiple ways of doing this. Maybe the topic starter could elaborate on what he needs to achieve by transposing by seminotes?

What a loss. So tragic :(

This is a standard feature in many midi keyboards and many hosts. There is nothing strange in it.

Seriously - are you trolling us with this constant whining about other peoples ideas?

Someone can assign some other key to Caps Lock if they like. And aren’t Renoise devs going to fix the win7 capslock issue anyway?
Saying “This shouldn’t be done because someone might use it for this or that key, and that’s the key I use for something else already, so go home with your stupid suggestions already and leave me alone!” is a bit rich :)

strange things? they could be very interesting strange things. again, might be useful.


It’s already fixed since 2.8 beta 1. Windows Vista/7 users should check the option: Prefs > Keys > Double Caps Lock workaround.

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So, if it’s fixed, kazakore, what’s your next argument? :)

It was an example. It will remove the possibility of 4 different single key shortcuts which you can currently assign to whatever you want.

Is this a place for discussion or a place to pat people on the back? Disagreeing with an idea is just as valid as agreeing with it! It’s then up to you to convince me why I am currently wrong in my thinking.

Shooting down everything by default due to your-own-way-of-thinking not agreeing with how-the-OP-thought is no longer a valid form of disagreeing. renoise isn’t your baby.

Since when do I shoot down everything by default? If somebody suggests something that I can instantly see if going to break some already existing functionality (such as keyboard shortcuts that may have been setup) are you saying I’m not allowed to voice my opinion. People are only allowed to comment in the positive?

A-key is already bound as default to secondary Note Off, so even though the Devs hope they have fixed the problem with the Caps Lock this actually adds even stronger weight to my argument in 2.8 than it would of in 2.7!

Rather than trying to tell me I’m an arse for disagreeing with this idea how about coming forwards with some arguments as to why it’s a good idea? Or do you not have any?

i have no arguments that are going to convince you. this is about ideas, not about convincing you. if you were taktik, this’d be an altogether different dynamic.

please don’t forget that keyboard shortcuts can be set by users. ‘A’ could be mapped to anything at all.
i’ve mapped A to “mute” in pattern matrix, for instance. im not going to beat people up who use it for a second capslock.

so we go in a loop.
OP: “new idea”
KZKR: “no, no, no. absolutely not. why should it be done?”
OP:“because it’d be nice and useful”
KZKR: “but it will break stuff, so it shouldn’t be done, now convince me that it should be done at all”
OP: “im not going to waste my time”
KZKR: “oh so obviously it wasn’t a good idea, since you couldn’t even convince little ol’ me (angelsmile)”

and you’ve won a thread again!

It’s not about winning or loosing anything. It’s about an open sharing of ideas and learning. If you are approaching things with that mindset that is your problem and not mine.

And from thinking about it further, no constructive comment from either yourself or Sauli (who just seemed to want to berate and flame me for having an opinion) I actually see that transposing by a semi-tone actually couldn’t work how I at first thought it would. IE shift by one semi-tone and you could never keep the white keys on the bottom row. Therefore the idea of the keys themselves shifting was actually bogus in the first place! But could either of you be bothered to try and point that out? Kameleontti is the only one who did try and point out this fact but you entirely ignored him and actually agreed with me that it may break things and that you didn’t care if it would break other people’s configurations. Instead you wanted to have a go at me for what I was worried may be an adverse affect of it being incorporated.

Now that I see it will in no way break things (no help from you!) I have no real objections to it. I still think it’s a slightly strange concept and not something I’m likely to use myself (change key → transpose afterwards, or play in the key you want in the first place.) But if there is call for it I can’t see how it would really hurt…

So basically first you see it wrong, then berate sauli, now you accept that you didn’t understand what he meant, and now you turn the tables on US for not being able to “help” you understand something which was obvious from the start? :D

Where did I berate Sauli? I said I didn’t agree with the idea. I never said anything derogatory about him, unlike his reference to me in his other thread.

And yes! If somebody says they think they see a fault with a idea and this fault turns out to be moot I would find it much more constructive to have it pointed out why the objection is invalid, rather than being told I am not allowed to express an opinion!

Especially when in all your arguments you are agreeing that the point does actually hold water!

maybe we need to sponsor you a blackboard and make you write
“I will read and re-read, and re-re-read the original post and try to understand it first before jumping into conclusions”
a 100 times.

first shooting something down and then quietly admitting you misunderstood it at first and now understand it, is not enough. especially when this pretty much happens in every thread you post on. now there’s an exaggeration. feel free to respond with “but hey, i don’t do that on every thread”, but all your response will be is is a mindless cluck-cluck-cluck noise.

your method is “assume something doesn’t work, say so to get a new post in, win.” if you’re able to mix that with cheesing off the OP by it being completely obvious to the OP that you just didn’t understand, then even better.

we’re finns, we hold massive grudges.

Quietly? I would say openly and publicly without anybody even trying to push me in the direction to understanding but rather bitching about things that actually have no relevance to the subject in hand.

Expect it is more than clear that neither Sauli nor yourself understood as all your comments took my objection as being a valid one!

Well you’re certainly used to holding a massive something, not sure it’s called a grudge though…

Woah! WTF guys… :panic:

I’ll bring this old idea back to life. I think it could be useful. It would allow us to easier play in scale on a computer keyboard. Semitone detune of note input could also placed next to octave: image


Came across this topic searching for a way to do this so I hope no-one minds me giving it a bump… It’d be great to be able to globally shift up however many semitones to the major key you want (or the relative major of the minor you want) and know that Z is always going to be your root, C is always going to be your major third etc.

It makes sense to me since it’s similar to the way I learned to play guitar in all keys - more in terms of intervals than notes, I guess. Learn how the physical position of all the intervals relate to each other in C major then you can play in any major or minor key by shifting your mental image of the fretboard. I guess it only works the way it does on guitar due to the symmetry of the layout so with this idea the program would be handling the shifting part.

I know it’s possible to shift the intruments this way but as far as I can tell (and I’m very new to the program so could well be missing something) that’s pitching the samples rather than transposing the input.