Transpose One Note Up Or Down

I’m trying to narrow down what’s causing my cpu going up and audible glitches (during playback) when I transpose one Note up or down. It could be because I have old machine, that’s why I didn’t post this in the Bugs section.

When I press and hold one Note down or up, even though it can no longer go beyond C-0 for example, my cpu increases from a standing 01.5% to 18.0%. No patterns are being played. The standing 01.5% is probably due to a lot of pattern data (102 pattern sequences with varying pattern lengths), some dsp chains, 20 tracks + 6 send tracks. I just don’t get where the cpu boost is coming from, just from transposing one Note up or down ?

Playback audio glitches do stop when I delete a significant amount of tracks or pattern sequences and I’m able to transpose with ease.

EDIT: I’ve only tested this with single cycle waveforms…will test other instruments later.

I can replicate the cpu boost by the xrns conditions attached. I’ve deleted instruments, pattern data, and dsp chains. The 102 pattern sequences and tracks I didn’t delete.

So I go to the Pattern Editor and I “Begin Selection & End Selection” on track 1, column 1, then I transpose either up or down and the cpu boosts to 14.0% on my old machine. Using custom short keys.

The result is the same with or without note information to transpose, just “Begin Selection & End Selection” and hold on to the transpose short key.

EDIT: Transpose one Note up or down is continuous if short key is held, as opposed to Transpose one Octave up or down, which isn’t continous.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at this.