Transpose Tool $Commission$

I’m looking to commission an xrxn tool scripter to modify a preexisting tool for me. I don’t know a ton about coding but imo it seems like something easy. Willing to commission (something reasonable).

This transpose tool,, has the basics of what I need. It is a great tool but it is lacking in utility. By what I mean is that in order to perform the transpose operation you select a single note, and then click back on the window and press enter.

I’m looking to transpose large chunks of notes and tracks at once.

I’m looking for someone to make it like the transpose of the advanced pattern editor. Minimum of what i need is to be able to transpose ‘Selection in Pattern’. However the more utilities that can be brought over from the advanced pattern generator the better. Additionally the ability to hotkey the transpose would be fuego.

Maybe someone knows of a preexisting tool that does this? Otherwise pm me for $.

I’m not an active forum member but I use renoise every day for composition. Best software ever imo.

EDIT: nvm

That transpose tool you’re linking to is different in that it respects keys/scales.
Not sure if this is part of the requirements - no mention of this.

Otherwise, the Adv. Edit can pull it off just fine, minus the keyboard shortcuts (we need those!)

Yes! I’m sorry this wasn’t more clear. I am looking for this tool to respect keys / scales, just as the tool I linked to does.