Transpose Up 16 Steps

ok, this is probably somewhere in the manual but i didn’t know about it, so i thought i’d share it with you for those who are still ignorant about this feature as i was minutes ago, when i stumbled onto it by accident.

in the sample properties (and probably in more places as well), say you tune your sample to an A#3. but, say you decide you want to try it at A#4 or A#5 or whatever instead. you can either click your left mouse-button 16 times, or your right mouse-button once. cool!

Umm wouldn’t that be 12 values for notes and 16 values for hexadecimal parameters?

my musicolgy knowledge sucks. you are completely right, and i just picked the wrong number out of some mind-drawer somewhere. thanks for rectifying that.

Yep. This trick should work on any value box in Renoise. Usually it’s left-click for +/- 1, and right-click for +/- 10.

no, not on any value box i believe, as some of them can be automated, and a right-click (for me at least) gives me pattern effect-automation…

Yeah, sorry. I realised this after I posted. I should have clarified: I meant the value boxes in Renoise’s main interface. BPM, Pattern Length, values in Instrument Settings, etc, etc. Obviously the DSP parameter values behave differently.

Anyway, you get my point :)