Transposing Single Notes

I’ve searched for the word ‘transpose’ in the offline manual and skimmed through my printout of shortcuts but I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you transpose a single note in the pattern editor? I only want to move individual notes up or down without re-recording them and I don’t want to move the entire column up or down?


select the note you want to transpose in the pattern editor and use the ‘advanced edit’ transpose functions. Make sure the cursor is highlighting the note part of the selection.

The ‘A-E’ button in the right part of the pattern editor can be clicked on to reveal the hidden treasure that is advanced edit :)


oops, didn’t read the thread properly :) , dunno if there is a keyboard shortcut for this!

I would like to know the exact same thing. It’s been bugging me for a while too.

once you have selected the note you want to transpose (I usually do this by pressing LCTRL+B and LCTRL+E in rapid succession to define the begin and the end of a selection, but you can also do this by mouse), use LALT+F1/F2 to transpose the note down/up.

to look for a shortcut, you can also use
Edit => Preferences => Keys => select “Pattern editor” in the dropdown list and use the searchbox to look for keywords

Ah, bugger, these are the keys I use to switch desktops on my linux distro. I especially disabled the renoise keygrab to have access to those functions. Guess I have to switch it back on then.

HA! Thanks for both those little pearls of knowledge. ;)

you can reassing these shortcuts to something different using the edit => preferences => keys panel

… or by clicking LShift + left arrow or right arrow (depending on where the cursor is)

Question about this: does this just change the note that will play, or does it transpose the sample downwards on the note that’s already being triggered?

I ask because it would be great if there was a simple way to transpose samples that are in a Drum Instrument on-the-fly.

it just transposes the note, the sample remains unchanged as Renoise does not have a pitchshifting algorithm, if this is what you meant

Thanks. This will help heaps. I wanted to transpose some notes without altering the velocity etc (which would have happened if I’d used my Midi keyboard). Shame you have to select the note first but thats something I can get used to. :) I wonder if I could make my own macro to do this in Renoise… better go read the manual again. :)

… it has the ‘pitchshifting algorithm’ of playing back the sample at a different speed…?

Basically I just want a pattern effect that plays back a sample faster (‘higher’) or slower (‘lower’) independent of the “pitch class” that’s sent to the instrument, because I want to be able to go tick-tick-TOOOK-TOOOK with a snare sample that’s in a drum instrument without having to break it out into its own instrument (which you can do now, and it’s easy enough to do, just kind of seems like an unnecessary step).

i.e. I want an equivalent of the 02xx effect that jumps straight down to the new pitch without having to travel there.

for such a result you could set the Ticks Per Line to 1, using command F201. Since the 01xx/02xx command, as many others, interpolates its action on the number of ticks, if you set the number of ticks to 1, there will be no interpolation

oh snap! I will try this out today!

This is an amazing tip that will solve all of my life’s problems. Thanks!