Travelling To Europe Shortly - Need Suggestions

hey all.

i’m travelling to europe soon, going round in a big circle for a couple months, big cities, small towns, mostly places where I know friends or family there (so i don’t have to pay to stay at a hostel!)

i thought I should post here cause i’m sure some people would have suggestions about places to go see or things to do in some of the big cities i’m going to. I’m from Australia and have never been to Europe before so I hardly have a clue. I know there would be some people on here that might know a few things to go see though.

Make any suggestions at all!
Famous sites, galleries, shops, record stores (especially second hand), op shops, places to eat, parks and gardens to go walk in.

These are some of the bigger cities i’m going to:

Stockholm, Sweden
London, England,
Edinburgh, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Rome, Italy

Thank you… from a very novice traveller :)

No Tallinn, Estonia? :unsure:

Try a day trip to Sigtuna, Sweden. The oldest city in Sweden. Takes about 40 mins by car to get there from Stockholm.

This is one way to get there. But I see them tourist-buses everyday in the summer so there must be other companies doing day trips there as well.

thanks for the replies :) i think camden is definitely on our list for sure. looks like somewhere with good op shops.

i’ve been told a lot to head to “Berwick Street” wherever that is, meant to be some good record shops out that way.

Rave cyber sex gear sounds intriguing but not sure how bad my girlfriend will want to head there ;)

Thanks for the heads up Robbie. Was definitely looking today at some day trips from Stockholm. Will keep Sigtuna in mind. Will mention it to the family we’re staying with. I really wanted to go to somewhere like Gothenberg but it’s quite far out of the city. 3.5hrs on the x2000… so… Sigtuna sounds cool. I’ve definitely noticed in my reading there’s loads of old styled cities and towns, lots of churches and medieval type places. Infact, the travel book I’m reading about for Stockholm, that’s practically all it talks about!

In terms of Estonia… well… I guess I don’t know enough about it to head there :) Infact, I don’t even know what it’s near :S

You can get to Estonia from Stockholm. ;)

Btw I’ll warn you that visiting so many big cities as you listed up can end with a big stress. There are so many nice smaller towns (and villages in Spain :) ) where you won’t feel like in a trap where everybody just wants your money. Even for taking a leak.

definitely something i’ve been thinking about. it does worry me a bit that we’re visiting so many cities, particularly major towns, but unfortunately it’s only because we know people in those cities and we can crash on their couches.

i guess i’ll have to just do it and experience it to find out whether i’ll do it again :P
smaller cities is definitely my go though.

mmmmm… the slow life.

In sweden:

Record shop: Pet Sounds Record

There are some really beautiful nice walks by the water you can take in Stockholm.
Bring a small bottle of wine, go for a walk in out on djurgården and then in the evening take the ferry boat “djurgårds färjan” back to slussen, watching Stockholm from the water.

Password: Stockholm

I will add more later :)

Then check out (probably no news for you but I’ll still mention it just in case)
Last year when we were travelling with my gf we experienced great difficulties to find couches in big and touristic places (as it was the summer season) but from smaller places we got immediate positive responses.

Add Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid to that list :wink:

For dining if the weather is not perfect, I can recommed you to try:

Bröderna Olssons and try their garlic meatballs
Folkungagatan 84
Have one of their garlic shots!

Take a walk in Oldtown, though eating here can be a bit expensive.
And if you like, Manga, science fiction books, fantasy books, comics etc visit
Science Fiction Book store
västerlång gatan 48

You might want to take a daytrip out to the Stockholm archipelago
Generally the further you go, the nicer it gets :)

Or take a steamboat trip out or back from waxholm.
The steamboats are a cool and nice experience themselfs!
Not as boring as they sound, they do around 15 knots eventhough the engines are
from 1910.
Be sure to stand in the front of the boat :)
If like you can ask the crew, and get to take a look in the engine room.

In the evening/night, go here and have a drink, this is the best views over Stockholm you will get, since its in the middle of Stockholm.
104 meters above the ground, is a experience you always will remember. With the panoramic view of Stockholm.

An example of a Stockholm.
To view a 360 degress street image, klick on “Gatubild”<pts><pt%20x%3D"1629476"%20y%3D"6580665"%20i%3D"http%3A//"><t>(ny%20punkt)</t></pt></pts>

Well Lisbon is in Portugal.

I personally did not like Amsterdam at all. Dirty, lots of criminal activity (record being offered cocaine six times during 25 minutes), and oh yes, people are driving their bikes and ringing the bell like effin loonies :)

We had to sleep one night outside in a park in Amsterdam. That was quite creepy. And Barcelona is not really nice too if you get further than the commercial centers. It smells like pee everywhere and you need to take extra care of your wallet and any other valuables.

Well yeah, Amsterdam is an open sewer. :) Rotterdam is the only city in Holland.

Beyond Retro, Stockholm Sweden, Brännkyrkagatan 8

My fav shop around those parts. All sort of retro gear.

Rotterdam is made of cockroaches :D

I enjoyed Apeldoorn. Really calm and friendly place.

Belgium gent …gentsche fieste …2 more days left so hurry
Denmark …copenhagen …loved it had the time of my life …‘bummimg/drinking in christiania ( freestate inside copenhagen )
Germany Berlin …only spent there a week but enjoyed every second of it . verry nice atmosphere . and it’.s HUUUUUUUUUGE
La gomera . canarian islands ( you can find some really cheap tickets ) perfect island to relax

Bergen in Norway. I really enjoyed that, but I guess all of Norway is worth a visit.

I’ve never seen the place until about a year ago. It’s definitely an alternative experience, almost like stepping back into the sixties. I was kinda opposing the place when I was young as it appeared like a mess, but now I’d be very sad to see it torn down as many politicians attempt.

I love the free/relaxed atmosphere when drinking beers in the little bar/restaurant area, it’s inspiring.

Just be a little careful, rockers and second generation immigrant groups are fighting for the hash trade!

Here’s an old documentary about this mini-society.