Tremolo in instruments

It was my old thought. . When one wants to do tremolo, he wants second note to sound different from first. Some try to vary volume. Some try to use another sample. For my ear you could use same sample, but instead of changing volume, change sample offset.
I used to like sfz and sf2 banks. I didn’t see free sf players that could do it, I mean adjusting sample offsets. Do you know?

Go to:
…and search: -Txy - Set tremolo (regular volume variation), x = speed, y = depth.

Is this not what you are looking for?

I thought that it’s for samples only, not for instruments

Random LFOs are your friend. Try adding a random LFO to the filter resonance in the Modulation section of the instrument, setting the speed to something slow so that every note played gets its own randomized value. Then play with different filters, and tweak the amplitude and offset of the LFO to give a subtle difference to each note.

The trick with this is to keep it as minimal as possible — you don’t want to fundamentally alter the sound, you just want to give it enough variation that it sounds natural.

Once you’ve got something decent, you can use the same technique to add variations to volume, pitch (very subtly), and even attack. With a little work you can make your instruments really breathe.