Tremor Like Command? (it/ixx)

Perhaps someone can help me. I’ve made the switch now to renoise for a couple years and am completely happy with it as a music composing software. There is however still one track effect that I miss dearly from Impulse Tracker which is the Ixx command (tremor). There is currently no way to emulate this effect as far as I can tell in Renoise. I used this in almost every track, and it came in handy for slicing the volume at a greater rate then the supplied tempo. Essentially, all this effect did was cut the volume in and out, but you could do it at faster speeds then say just writing 80, 00, 80, 00, 80, 00 etc. into the volume column in a track.

So my question is, is there a way to do this that i’ve overlooked? and if not, would this be a possible feature for inclusion in renoise?


is this what you are looking for?

i don’t know is it? i’ve messed with that command before without gaining the results that I was looking for. Is that the effects function? Perhaps I was just using it improperly.

EDIT: ah yes, apparently it is :) just tried it out, dunno what i did wrong the first time, thanks for the help!

ok but still basically wrong, this seems to only be able to slice at a minimum of 1 tick, i’m looking to slice in say 1/2 ticks or 1/4 ticks or 1/32 ticks for very quick volume slices. is that possible as well?

Try to fill the column with a value like 0446 (the average values) on each row… i think you figure out pretty soon what it does that way.

1/2 ticks == (132bpm / 4LPB to 132bpm / 8 LPB)

1/4 ticks == (132bpm / 4LPB to 132bpm / 16 LPB)
1/32 ticks == (132bpm / 4LPB to 132bpm / 128 LPB)

ok, i think i got it now, i can change the ticks by changing the LPB. still not exactly what i’m looking for it to do (which would be the ability to manually change the tick throughout the song ((i.e. a 1/32 tick volume slice for 3 bars, followed by a 1/4 tick volume slice for 9 bars, follow by a 1/32 tick volume slice for 3 bars, etc.))) but will definitely come in handy.

Well you can also raise the tickrate in the song-properties (it is set to 12 by default) but if you want to use only fractions of tickrates, then you have to raise the LPB to get this done.

Damn, this command is nice. And why exactly haven’t I found out about this before? :P

I think the result you are trying to achieve is one where the time on/off is independent of the beat.

the IT implementation of IXY is X on Y off, which allows the time on or off to extend past the resolution of the beat, allowing one to chop the volume at any interval of ticks, not restricted to within one beat.

there is an example of this at 0:24, 0:50 and 2:30…el_20080107.mp3

That is all achieved using IT’s IXY

Here’s a little trick that I use quite often:

With the LFO speed at 1 LPB and the custom envelope shape having 4 steps and 2 cuts in it, you then get 2 volume slices per tick. You can make the envelope 8 steps with 4 cuts to get 4 slices per tick. Etc. The LFO is still limited to 1 LPB, but using this method you can push it further.

To keep the LFO in sync, don’t forget to use a reset command - 1600 in this example, since the LFO is device #1 in the chain.

I personally like to use a Key-Tracking Device, and then link that to the LFO’s reset function, configured like so:

This ensures that every time a note occurs in that track, the LFO will reset and stay in sync.

My next inclination was to implement the desired tremolo effect using LFOs. imho the LFOs, resets, and velocity commands are the most unique and powerful features of renoise. Just using some basic waveforms and native effects, one can expand on the characteristics of a 303 or monosynth and create an entirely new monster.

Just think outside the box, use the Ringmod VST and run it double rate, zero inertia, or Dblue Glitch VST on gating only, or any VST that does a similar thing.

If you’re referring to the native RingMod in Renoise, then this does technically work, but since it’s not possible to reset the phase to any position we want (like the LFO), it’s not really possible to get the RingMod to sync perfectly to your song tempo. This may not matter much if you are using really high speeds, but once you slow things down and the gaps become more clear, it becomes more obvious that it’s not in sync with ticks/tempo.


Great tip

Well, it IS possible really isnt it, there is going to be one frequency which is the right frequency, its just the matter of finding it. ;) I couldn’t get this working in 3.0.1, is this still possible?


here’s a demo using 3.0.1


here’s a demo using 3.0.1

wow, thanks! how did you get that working? :smiley:


It’s always worked for me. I invented it :]


It’s always worked for me. I invented it :]

It’s really great, still try to get the hang of what the sliders do and how they correspond to the gate length/rhythm ?