Tribal-acid-funky-trancy-techno... yeea something like that :P

Well, if that title didn’t stop you, you might as well just check it out! :space_invader:

Released today, made with Renoise obviously, some percussion and various analog synths/machines.

All platforms:

Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoy!


Tracks sound very lush and spacey, and i like it.
The overall impression is good.
i’m not well experienced in this genre, so i cannot give you constructive criticism

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great energy and drive. always enjoying the production quality of your tracks. do you master your stuff on your own? the vocals are not my thing, but other than that, very sweet stuff !

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I really love it all… just except the craziness between 3:15-4:00 the rest is super cool and you have nailed the mixing.

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Hey all, thanks for the feedback and for checking it out. Appreciated!
@keith303: I used to do all mastering myself but lately not so much, and in this case it was a mastering studio in London connected to the record label, very satisfied with it. How about you, master yourself or do you have a favourite go-to-studio?