Trigger 1 Renoise To Start By Command Of Other

What i’d like to do is trigger one renoise to begin when the other ends. Mostly for my workflow. I tend to run 2 at the same time. Keeping my song format clean and throwing all the scraps of ideas into another. But I like to play all the other stuff right after the song I’m working on is finished. On the last beat of the song. I usually just throw it in the end of the track.

The only thing i can think of is using a script that watches the transport playing of Renoise.
When the song stops, the scripts broadcasts a play command through OSC to the other copy of Renoise to start playing.

Use the ZT00 command on the last line of your last sequenced pattern to stop the songplay in your current renoise setting and trigger the observable routine that starts the other instance.

This snippet should do the trick:
3279 com.vvoois.Transport_triggering_Rns280_V1.xrnx
Do note that each transport stop triggers the other session (also if you stop it yourself)

If you want to ping_pong this event, you would also have to add a small GUI element in which you change the UDP port for each Renoise session you start this tool in, each Renoise session should have a unique UDP port open.
Script could be expanded to also load a new song from a list if transport stops, this way you can DJ around with two Renoise sessions.