Trigger Note On Patter

Hello Guys,

Imagine the scenerio:

Module trigger with 03 pads.

Make a music with little patterns in 2 channels… First channel = bassline, Second Channel = string, voice

Its possible to RENOISE to play the NOTE on pattern by trigger ?

I trying to explain again, the music have vst intrument, but i want to play the music note-by-note by the trigger, but not pattern-by-pattern , because the vst instrument can take the impact and feeling of drum triggers, understand ?

The fact:

If i only MIDI MAP the “RETURN” (enter) key or “Play Next Pattern” MIDI Maps, i will lost the feeling of piezo triggers.

If I understand you correctly, there’s a keyboard shortcut, “Play current line”, which will play the notes on the current line and advance to the next one. So you can press the shortcut repeatedly to achieve the effect you’re looking for. But since you’re talking about piezo triggers, I guess you’re looking for a way to this using MIDI? I don’t think there’s an easy way to do this, at least not on windows. But check out the Nanonoise project, it’s for a specific platform/hardware combination, perhaps you’re lucky?