Trigger/Schedule buttons unavailable under Linux

I know, Linux is kind of bonkers to do audio productions, like without cool VSTs, and fullscreen on linux is especially wicked sometimes. Now I have a small issue regarding the arrows normally showing on top of the sequence numbers in the sequencers. In fullscreen only 1 out of 6 or 8 or so seem to actually display this ‘play’ arrow when mouseovering. e.g. I can move mouse from currently playing pattern, upwards, then the first two I point at (just above currently playing one) won’t display arrow (and as such also can not be scheduled with mouse), then when I move the mouse further up I see arrows, move back down, suddenly they all do get to show the scheduling/trigger arrow.

Sounds like a Redraw issue. In these cases, when clicking on that area, something still happens as well and in a lot of cases part of the area is being updated/refreshed.

I don’t know what to do about that:P
ps you have a funny post count