Triggering Audio Of An Offset

when entering an 09xx value shouldn’t it trigger/preview the sample starting at that point (instantly hear what point you are triggering it from)?
i’ve been looking for any setting or preference that accommodates this… i thought for sure some of the old trackers i worked with functioned like that.

—i tried entering in 09xx manually and realized i have no idea what you are talking about and someone with better renoise knowledge needs to help with that, but in terms of starting sample at a trigger point, an excellent program for trimming them to actually begin exactly where you want them to is recycle, you could export the sample as a wav, then put it in recycle, make a slice exactly where you want it to start, then move the L line (start line thingy) to that point, then choose options, then choose crop loop, and it will remove any unwanted parts of the sample. this way you can load it into renoise and have it start and stop (slice and place R line where you want it to stop) exactly where you want it to. i’m afraid that’s all I’ve been able to figure out in terms of this issue, not very fit to give advice on renoise. hope this helps. the thing is that recycle costs i think 250 USD and IT Alien i think made a beat slicer application specifically for renoise, I am not 100% sure it was him, it might be worth it to PM him and ask. since there is a beat slicing application specific to renoise that is free…so long as you have renoise, of this i do know for sure- i read someone wrote up a program so renoise had a native beat slicer, assuming the same options would be available to you with the native beat slicer. i really am just starting on renoise, it’s my first time witha tracker program, this is the best i can do, hope it is somewhat helpful.



Actually idk if you already knew that, but in version 2.7 we have a beat-slicer built in.

If you slice a sample up each slice is mapped for you. So you can practically play sample from your own defined “offset” points.

[quote=“eeter, post:3, topic:33164”]
Actually idk if you already knew that, but in version 2.7 we have a beat-slicer built in.

thanks, was under impression it was written as an add on and needed to be installed, (per my stupid post).

i will be sure to check it out.



Notes do not ever play when entering in Pattern Commands and I think it would be a little strange if they did, although I’m sure it is something that could possible be scripted if there was real demand. But rather I will point you towards two things that you might not know that could help.

If you go to the Sample Editor section, Right-Click on either of the Rulers (top and bottom) you can then select 09xx view, so you can see the 09xx values for any point in the sample. (Looking at the Demo install on my work PC it seems it is the top ruler bar as default.)

Or you might like to have Editstep=0, enter in your 09xx command (if you hold the Left-Shift button you don’t even need to scroll to the right) and once it is entered press the Return key to play current line. You may want to have the track Soloed so you only hear the sample you are affecting.

thanks everyone.

it sounds like i’ll just need to do some sort of workaround - such as getting used to using the return to play the current line.

i’m guessing no one cares since renoise is so far along in development and no one has asked that question before but i don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to hear the sample fx/value play as it’s entered. that’s no different than hearing the sample played as you place the note.
i know i’m only one person asking but it certainly would be nice to have this be a preference and not difficult at all and i know of a few people that this option is essential for.

two final questions related to this that’s driving me crazy:
is there a preference or xml code setting i can change so that as i enter an XX value the cursor doesn’t move to the next line??
for example, if i want to enter 095B; i enter “9” and the line skips down and i have to go back up, i enter “5” and the line skips down and i have to go back up, i enter “B” and the line skips down and i have to go back up to hit “return” to listen.
is there a way to have the number-pad work as a normal numpad for entering values? i started to re-map it but when i clear their assignments it still doesn’t function as a normal numpad.

so, hold SHIFT to input the total effect without the cursor moving. or, set Editstep to 0 (Ctrl+0 on Windows, read for more info) to not move to the next line after entering something ever.

sadly, no. i’d love this too. consider making a feature request out of it, not sure if it was suggested before.

ahh, thank you! i somehow totally missed that bit before. thanks