Triggering Issues

Ok, I am not new to trackers but I am new to Renoise well not really. I find it nice that you can have more then 1 sample on a track giving you endless possibilities. But here is my issue, I have a sample that i would like to do 2 separate things too, volume and a re triggering effect. Well I for the one sample I accomplished the volume. But as I inserted the same sample on the same track (to conserve space) I implemented the the re triggering effect(0EXY). Well now I have the issue of the effect triggering both samples. I was wondering if there is a way to have FX trigger an isolated sample that is sharing the same track? If someone could help me out with this, it would be very much appreciated.

Im sure this is not going to be the last question of mine.

Thank you in advance. :D

Some of the pattern commands come in two flavours: There’s the standard XXYY format that goes into an effect column, where it will usually affect all notes on that row. Then there’s a simplified alternate version that works in either the volume column or panning column, where they are only applied to those specific notes.

Some examples:
Retrig: 0EXY in effect column or EX in volume/panning column.
Delay: 0DXX in effect column or DX in volume/panning column.
Sample Reverse: 0BXY or BX

Just have fun and experiment :)

I will so try this, Thank you for the quick response!!! I will fill you in on what the outcome is.

This worked!!! Awesome! But now I have another question concerning this. I tried Interpolating that column but no luck. Do I have to do this my hand or am I missing something here?

Just quickly tried it myself on a few commands and couldn’t get it to work. Looks like the interpolation works normally for volume and panning commands (as you’d expect), but not the other commands. Not sure what the exact reason for that is to be honest.

You think this could be something that ought to be looked at and fixed?