Triggering Multiple Instruments Via Midi

I’m starting thinking about how to use renoise on stage. Is it possible to trigger/play multiple instruments in renoise from midi? Normally renoise responds to incomming midi on the selected track but I’d like to be able to play more than one instrument, either split from the keyboard or by having instruments respond to different midi channels. I hope it’s clear what I have in mind, any input appreciated!

Currently this is not possible.

Best you can do is to split instrument in a few octaves on a single instrument if you are using sample based instruments.
If you use vstis you can use third party plugins that can host vst’s themselves and use some midi plugins for midi input to trigger them.
You can for instance load a instance of energyXT as a vst on several tracks in renoise. Then add a midi input plugin and a vsti in each energyXT instance.

You might consider rewire as well.

I thought about splitting or rather merging several instruments into a single multisample instrument that has different “instruments” (or sounds) across the octaves. The problem is that this way I cannot use different effects on the individual instruments/sounds, but have to route them through the common track effects.

I’m on linux, so unfortunately the other (probably very fine) suggestions are out of reach :(