Triggering Notes Faster?

I got bpm on 128, got my lines per beat on 8

thing is… I’m working on an uplifting snare part…

thing is… I want them triggered more faster after each other… Is there an easy way to do this without changing the lines per beat?

example: (done with changing lines per beat from 8 to 16)

0Exx command?

you mean this? :

[i]2. Retrigger note [Ex] : Sound file (mp3)

This effect replays the sample very quickly at its current position in the waveform playback. x sets how many ticks to count before retriggering the sample again. By default, there are 12 ticks per line. Setting E4 will retrigger a sample 3 times per line (12÷4=3). [/i]

No other way possible?

You can use the note delay column to offset/stagger each snare hit:


can’t open that one… renoise 2.5.1 here…

edit… my fault… ie’s chaining xrns to zip…

edit2: well thanks… that’s an option… but it makes my screen 8 times wider… :stuck_out_tongue:

another option for me is from now on… to work with more lines per beat i think…

Well it’s a Renoise 2.5.1 file, so I dunno why…

Edit: Ah. Silly web browsers. :)

Yep, well, something’s gotta give: either you increase your LPB, or you cram more notes into the existing space somehow.

Please keep in mind that you can use the F1xx command to change LPB at any point during your song. So if you only want a rapid snare rush during a single pattern, then just change LPB for that pattern alone. Set F108 for your normal patterns, then F110 (16 LPB) or even F120 (32 LPB) for your mad snare rush action :)

Haven’t checked your example but was going to say you can also use the Delay column/Dx command but you’d likely want to use Note Cut as well so that you don’t end up with the snares layering over each other. Assume you’ve done so in your example?

Your suggestion is of course valid and very useful, but in this case I didn’t bother because the sample I used is just a very short 808 snare. In any other case where I want to avoid a lot of clashing/overlapping sounds, then yes, I would use note-offs or some other method.

12 (might not be enough for you) or 24 are good choices imo. both are divisible by 3 so putting in triplets is ez!

You can temporarily increase the LPB for one pattern. For example, expand the pattern, set the LPB to 16 for one pattern where you want those rapid snares, and cut it down to 8 on next pattern again.

Yep. I was already aware of this, but I simply hadn’t experienced any problems with it myself yet. Both Chrome and Firefox have been handling .xrns links on my server quite normally for months already, so I assumed that my web host had already added the proper file type handler quite some time ago. Just added it to my .htaccess now anyway, so thanks for reminding me :)

If you want to have the most expressive control, I think the best option would set the lines per beat as high as you need to, write the exact effect you want, then render that to a sample and use that sample.

And then use the retrigger effects on that sample again :P